You can also search www. Ryland, and Yamaguchi Ryoshu. Odilon Redon Bordeaux, – Paris, During the second half of the nineteenth century France was home to three of the most misunderstood geniuses in the history of art; the painter, Van Gogh, the etcher, Charles Meryon, and the lithographer, Odilon Redon. Each suffered from either ridicule or anonymity during most of their careers, only to be discovered by the following generations as masters of the moderns. Fortunately for Redon his discovery came while he was still alive. In , when he was seventy-three, the famous Armory Show in New York presented modern French art to an astounded America. Works by Redon were sold in a higher percentage than those by any other exhibitor. The intensely personal art of Redon had at last been grasped with at least a partial understanding.

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Conchita Wurst representing Austria performs the song Rise Like A Phoenix after winning the Eurovision Song Contest ‘For me, my dream came true,’ she added at a news conference after the win. The singer, who sported a full beard, smouldered like a Bond Girl in a gold embellished fishtail gown. Walking onto the stage in front of a smokey backdrop, she gave a powerful performance of her song Rise Like a Phoenix.

The look was set off by diamond earrings, while she also wore a red lipstick, wore her long hair in waves and defined her eyes in heavy black eyeliner. The singer celebrates as she is awarded the winner’s trophy for Eurovision Overwhelmed:

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Share 13 shares ‘As a species, we’re collectors and rememberers. I always have to emphasise that this is not a doomsday project. Mr Kunz is storing the texts in a salt mine buried a mile 1. Pictured is a crate of tablets stored in the mine Mr Kunz plans to create hundreds of tokens, like the one pictured above, that act as a treasure map to show future civilisations the location of his archive.

One one side left is a map of Europe with an ‘x’ marking the spot of the mine, while on the other is a map showing where the mine is along a lake in the Austrian town of Hallstatt His tablets, which he etches using a laser engraver in his workshop, are stored in one of the world’s oldest salt mines, near the small Austrian town of Hallstatt. Many are engraved with love letters, diary entries, newspaper articles and blogs sent to Mr Kunz by people across the world through his website.

The first of them is etched with a greeting to future finders from Mr Kunz himself. He believes future civilisations could use the tablets to learn about humanity millions of years from now. Around 50 crates pictured of tablets are stored in a small corner of the mine gifted to Mr Kunz by the owners at salt firm Saltzwelten Salt Worlds To guide future readers, it is dated using astronomical events to allow civilisations that can’t read numbers to understand the contents within.

There’s also a pictionary, so they can understand letters and words. While much of human history and culture is now stored on the internet, he believes the data won’t last forever. If a solar storm or power outage doesn’t wipe the data out, it could be deleted as humanity’s storage space runs out. Just for economical and ecological reasons,’ he said.

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Its capital and by far its largest city is Vienna Vienna , Ger. Wien, city and province pop. Click the link for more information.

Art of the Print Main Artist index R. Our gallery offers a wide selection of international fine art. We sell original etchings, lithographs, paintings, watercolors, drawings and other mediums of original graphic art dating from the Renaissance period to contemporary art. Full documentation is .

He taught in Milan and then Rome, and was the author of more than fifty technical books. He was involved in installing turbines in Italian cruisers and battleships ass well as equipping the first locomotive for turbine drive, Later Belluzzo went into politics; He was elected to Parliament and was Minister of National Economy from to Mentioned in Ransome-Wallis’s brief survey of unconventional locomotives Concise Encylopaedia p.

Most of remaining information off another website. The first turbine locomotive was a small experimental T developed in , being a conversion of an old T shunting engine built in , carried out by the Societa Anonima Officine Meccaniche in Milan. One axle was removed, and four turbines were fitted, two on each side. Steam passed through all four in turn before exhausting via the chimney.

In Belluzzo acted as consultant for a turbine locomotive built by the Ernesto Breda company.

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They usually include an ephemeris of the Sun and some other celestial bodies, the equation of time , the Sun’s declination etc. Almanacs are sometimes inscribed on, or accompany, C dials. It is a small circle on the celestial sphere, parallel to the horizon. The term is also used to describe the horizon co-ordinate system which uses these two parameters.

It is measured along the principal plane to the sun’s centre, and is the complement to the zenith distance. It is part of the horizon co-ordinate system. Note that aviators and others use the term altitude to measure a height distance above the ground.

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You can help by adding to it. October Although the first sternwheelers were invented in Europe, they saw the most service in America, especially on the Mississippi. The Enterprise was built at Brownsville, Pennsylvania , in as an improvement over the less efficient side wheelers. The second sternwheeler built, the Washington of , had two decks and served as the prototype for all subsequent steamboats of the Mississippi , including those made famous in Mark Twain ‘s book Life on the Mississippi.

Though the side wheels and enclosing sponsons make them wider than sternwheelers, they may be more maneuverable, since they can sometimes move the paddles at different speeds, and even in opposite directions.

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Although trams are the focal point and common thread throughout, it is where they are running which provides the diversity and interest in his photos. There are now over 37, photos from tramway cities. Scroll down for the list of tramways covered in city sequence and year sequence within this for systems visited on multiple occasions with link to photos. Photos are listed in the sequence in which they were taken and for more recent series, the name of the street along which the trams are running is shown in the comments column, but only where there is a change of street.

In , InTramCities has added the following: Scroll down to below the Series List for more information, headline photo and link to photo page for series from onwards. Click here A source of photos for illustration: Larger resolution photos may be made available for illustrations in publications and promotional materials at the discretion of the webmaster.

See contact details below. Images prior to are scans of photographic prints.

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He was an artist … Who shall stand beside him? Schubert died on 19 November , and we wonder at the cruelty of the fates in refusing to grant him more time — a mere six weeks would have taken him to the end of the year, and then he would have been only a month away from his thirty-second birthday the following January. There is nothing orderly, much less inevitable, about this sudden exit — no sense of full-circled achievement in the glorious twilight of life — as was to be the case with the elderly Goethe, for example, who died in The unhappy medical circumstances that were behind this sudden fatal deterioration will be discussed later in this essay.

One can only imagine how many discs would have been needed to contain all the songs of a Schubert who had lived, like Bach for example, until the age of

than the speed of light, or for levels of energy transfer greater than sub- atomic energy quanta, are fulfilled over huge ranges of “natural” experience, circulars, up-dating notes, etc., in that system. The US figures are manda- tory, and they are now listed clearly for all to see in the legislation itself.

Overview[ edit ] The horse-drawn tram horsecar was an early form of public rail transport that developed out of industrial haulage routes that had long been in existence, and from the omnibus routes that first ran on public streets in the s, using the newly improved iron or steel rail or ‘ tramway ‘.

These were local versions of the stagecoach lines and picked up and dropped off passengers on a regular route, without the need to be pre-hired. Horsecars on tramlines were an improvement over the omnibus, as the low rolling resistance of metal wheels on iron or steel rails usually grooved from on allowed the animals to haul a greater load for a given effort than the omnibus and gave a smoother ride.

The horse-drawn streetcar combined the low cost, flexibility, and safety of animal power with the efficiency, smoothness, and all-weather capability of a rail right-of-way. The Welsh Swansea and Mumbles Railway ran the world’s first passenger tram service in Mule-drawn streetcar, Houston , s. London Tramways two-horse tram, about A busy horsecar hub at Dam Square in Amsterdam , circa An original horsecar in the parade celebrating groundbreaking for the Panama-California Exposition at San Diego , California.

United Kingdom[ edit ] The first tram services in the world were started by the Swansea and Mumbles Railway in Wales , using specially designed carriages on an existing tramline built for horse-drawn freight dandies. Fare-paying passengers were carried on a line between Oystermouth , Mumbles and Swansea Docks from

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Mail-Order Trade Inside Parcel with stamps With over , employees in 20 different sectors, the Austrian retail trade is continuously growing as an important factor of the economy. The retail trade is becoming a major factor in the creation of wealth in the economy as a whole, a result of the change from an industrial to a service society. While the creation of wealth used to be regarded as only the production of goods, we are aware today that trade with its innovatory ideas makes products more valuable, thereby creating substantial wealth.

Austria P4O There have been stamps for years, and for about years they have been collected and traded. There have been philately clubs for about years, retailers’ associations for years and in the Austrian Stamp Dealers Association is also celebrating its th birthday.

has a global rank of #7,, which puts itself among the top 10 million most popular websites worldwide. rank has increased % over the last 3 months. It reaches roughly 1, users and delivers about 4, pageviews each month.

Yet the area depicted by a map is – in a strictly mathematical and geometrical sense – merely a relatively small portion of one of the three-dimensional bodies in space: Here it should be pointed out that – again in a strict sense – not all maps of the Earth, such as planispheres, nor even maps of larger portions of a cosmic body feature all seven map characteristics.

Generally speaking, these large-space maps show no homogeneous scale reduction in comparison with the original surface of the globe. Distortions of angle and area make this obvious to map users. The smaller the area depicted by a map, the easier it is to disregard these distortions. By the way, this tradition of separating maps from non-map cartographic representations has academic roots in Vienna. Other forms of cartographic representation apart from the globe have also met the fate of being classified as map-related: This comparison documents the cartographic system of concepts during the second half of the 20th century, when maps and the majority of non-map cartographic representations morphed into utilitarian mass-produced articles controlled by economic constraints.

For many forms of paper maps – and, in the meantime, an alarmingly high percentage of Internet maps too – correspond in price, content, type of representation and life span to what is allegedly the spirit of the times of infotainment and throwaway culture. From the s to the present day, the emergent science of cartography has maintained this conceptual system and expanded it to cover the digital domain.

However, with equal – or even much greater – justification, both amateur globe connoisseurs and academic globe researchers can declare the globe to be the centre of all spatial modes of depicting cosmic bodies and the universe. According to this point of view, the “map” would then become a peripheral object of world models because it lacks the decisive characteristics of all globe-shaped world models.

However, as a matter of principle I wish to go clearly beyond this conceptual approach and call for globography as the independent science of globes as world models to be accepted as a neighbouring discipline and equal partner of cartography, rather than merely part of it.


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Put a Price on Happiness. Clifty Falls State Park – Reports of moaning coming from the tree right next to the walkway going down into the falls. But many men and women have had the sad experience of falling in love with someone who refuses to indulge in playful sex or whose preferences are entirely at odds indian single women in jersey city their partner s. Pictured above in the s with her late husband Joe Weider, a former bodybuilder and her cover girl, Gloria Estefan.

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More details What is the fastest way to get from Gmunden to London? More details Is there a direct train between Gmunden and London? No, there is no direct train from Gmunden to London. However, there are services departing from Gmunden and arriving at London St. The journey, including transfers, takes approximately 16 h 43 min.

MOSCOU and was received in Gmunden, Upper Austria on 3 June, after having been censored by the Western Allies. Comments on the unusual Soviet treatment for this registered item would be appreciated.

Jelcz Double-decker trolleybuses Since the end of , no double-decker trolleybuses have been in service anywhere in the world, but in the past several manufacturers made such vehicles. Most builders of double-deck trolleybuses were in the United Kingdom , but there were a few, usually solitary, instances of such trolleybuses being built in other countries, including in Germany by Henschel for Hamburg ; in Italy by Lancia for Porto, Portugal ; in Russia by the Yaroslavl motor plant for Moscow and in Spain by Maquitrans for Barcelona.

Use and preservation There are currently around cities or metropolitan areas where trolleybuses are operated, [2] and almost additional trolleybus systems have existed in the past. The following are summary notes about current and past trolleybus operation in some countries. Australia Australia has no remaining operating trolleybuses. Some of these trolleybuses are in operating condition, but there are no wired roadways to operate them on.

Austria The largest trolleybus system in Austria is in Salzburg , with nine routes and 80 trolleybuses, operating from to midnight. The system was introduced in and has been expanded during recent years.

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