One was an ass and dumped her, the 2nd one she dumped. When she entered high school, she found out about b-boying and she got interested in dance. Soon after she passed at the first try in a JYP audition. During a music program, Hyuna met Sunye backstage and they hugged each other. When she came back to training she became very close with G. NA used to share the same dorm with 4Minute until after her debut. Sohyun was her actual roommate, but Hyuna was the one who slept in the room with G.

Jang Hyun-seung

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[by Sora Ghim] Global cosmetic brand TONYMOLY recently signed with singer Hyuna to be its main model! TONYMOLY is a brand that is innovative and always looking for new ways to design new products that are efficient, trendy, and practical.

What to do about that? Of course there were NGs. In reality, what is your type when it comes to love? Seems like you adjust well between work and love. Well, it lacks a human touch. There needs to be the taste of diving straight into love. For the past three months, it has the tightest schedules since my debut. After ending filming, I go to the production studio; after making productions, I go home, wash up and head to the filming location. Sleep is only for a short period while commuting to and fro — such repeated sleep pattern is really tough on the body.

Especially during the final month, it was like crisis. Even though you were so busy, you managed to produce this album entirely. How can there not be.

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Kim Hyuna is a South Korean Model, singer, songwriter and rapper. She was born on June 6, She is the main singer and rapper of the group 4Miniute. She is also a half member of the group Trouble Maker She made her name during her time with the group Wonder Girls. However she left the group in on health grounds. Her relationship is quiet secret.

10 Overrated K-Pop Idols. Sometimes, we look through lists of popular idols in K-Pop, and we cannot help but wonder: Why? Why is ____ popular? Most of the time, it’s not necessarily that the idol is useless, but that their staggering level of popularity is unfathomable.

Life and career[ edit ] Early life and career beginnings[ edit ] Zico was born in Mapo , Seoul on September 14, He promoted as Nacseo in the Japanese underground hip hop scene alongside the crews “Dope Squad” and “Undisputed. Entertainment as a teenager. Block B and solo appearances[ edit ] Main article: Zico had produced their debut mini-album Welcome to the Block. When asked about the banning, he said: Still, I do acknowledge that as a producer that creates songs meant for the public, it was a shortcoming of mine to not have paid more attention to the regulations.

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Hyuna and Hyunseung’s return and comeback date as Trouble Maker confirmed! By alim17 Friday, October 4, , 3, Heechul ponders if hyuna and hyunseung are dating because of their believable chemistry. So basically in june ,the day after JunHyung and Hara’s relationship was confirmed , Jiyoon and Jihyun. If Hyunseung and Hyuna are dating or something. It assumes that Hyunseung is straight so it can’t be legit lol.

Comunidad orientada a la traducción de subtítulos de Cine Asiático, Anime y Series Asiáticas (Doramas), además de cultura y música del lejano ?page=MusicaAsiaTodas.

Waktu santai mereka hanya dua hari, dan sekarang mereka sudah mulai berlatih keras lagi. Mungkin dalam waktu dekat EXO belum akan comeback, namun mereka memiliki banyak undangan untuk beberapa acara, jadi untuk itulah mereka berlatih. Ia menghampiri Kai yang duduk di pojokan. Dengan ogah Kai bangun kemudian mengikuti manajernya menuju ke ruangan CEO. Kai memasuki ruangan Kim Youngmin bersama menajernya.

Ia duduk di sofa yang berhadapan langsung dengan pimpinannya itu. Kita masih menunggu seseorang. Kai menautkan alisnya, ia menoleh pada sang manajer, tapi si manajer mengangkat bahu. Kai menunggu, sambil mengamati Kim Young Min yang sibuk mengecek sesuatu. Dari gerak-geriknya, seperti ia sedang memiliki rencana baru. Beberapa saat kemudian, pintu terketuk. Kim Young Min tersadar dari kesibukannya.

Are Hyunseung and Hyuna dating?

July 4, Birth Place: Seoul, South Korea Family: Older sister, parents Facts: He originally wanted to be a high school P. September 3, Birth Place:

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From her time in wonder girls, to her re-debut as part of 4Minute, and in her emergence and dominance as a solo-artist, Hyuna has had many memorable looks. Once you get to the end of the article make sure to vote for your favorite look! Dark creamy eyeliner on the lower and upper lash lines create an intense look that matches the concept of of this era. Additionally, the nude pink lips topped with gloss balances the strong eye look which is the focal point of the look. Long, wavy, dark-chocolate colored hair and the eye-shadow based eye look create a feminine and seductive concept.

The eyes are once again the center of attention of the look with champagne, grey, and green shimmers used on the lid and lower lash line. A defused winged eyeliner using black eye shadow provides a frame for the eyes without being harsh. Light brown hair with streaks of blue, green, and orange contribute to a playful concept. Coupled with shimmery blue-grey eye shadow, black eyeliner on the waterline, and a heavy dose of mascara completes the fun look. Bold lip-colors have never scared HyunA.

Singer Jang Hyun-seung, Shin Soo-Ji are dating

Hyunseung and hyuna dating Also I’m soooo confused on the first episode of Dream High 2 as the bus is driving away just like in Dream High, first one with ‘Go Hye Mi’ as I originally thought running after it. But nevertheless, Dream high 2 cast is awesome too. Suzy Bae is Gone. Dream High 2 And the musical performance was not that impressive the way it should be.

HyunA has officially parted ways with long-term agency Cube Entertainment amid weeks of turmoil concerning her relationship with labelmate E’Dawn. The talent management agency announced that they reached a mutual agreement with HyunA to terminate her contract.

This was a super hard list to make and definitely not set in stone because all of the songs are amazing and all were probably at my the number one spot at some point in the year. My criteria for deciding which song is the best basically looks at the whole package. The song’s composition and catchiness, the music video quality, and how well it speaks to me. Regarding the music video, it’s simply amazing because of the boy’s cute expressions and crazy antics.

It’s a great party song and always gets me super hyped up whenever I need some energy. I think Nickhun’s line is definitely my favorite, although I really enjoy all of Wooyoung’s lines too, and I love when they all get in a conga line dance. Everything about the music video is just adorable and crazy and super fun and I loved all of it!!

B2ST- Good Luck Okay, this song and 2pm’s were extremely close and at one point tied for the best song of the year in my eyes. When it first came out I was extremely pleased and shocked because of how good this song was. I loved loved loved everything about it. From the overall composition of the song, to the incredible dance the part above is obviously my favorite , to Junhyung’s rap

4minute’s HyunA Clears Relationship Rumors about Her and Jang Hyun Seung

Ok, maybe hating is kind of a strong word, but I really, really dislike her. I think she is one of the only celebrities I really don’t like. Hyuna fans are always saying that if someone hates her, it’s because we are jealous, and because she is sexy and hangs out with an idol we like. First of all if that was true we would hate almost all women celebrities, because for the most part they are way better looking than the average girl.

I don’t hate sexy singers or celebrities because I’m afraid they are going to steal my imaginary boyfriend. In fact some of my all time favorite Korean celebrities are on the sexy side:

年:第三張個人迷你專輯《A Talk》 年9月28日,泫雅在 夢想演唱會 的舞台表演 年3月11日,泫雅受邀代表韩流艺人出席在美国德克萨斯州奥斯汀举办的北美音乐庆典 South by Southwest 。.

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