October 02, Vasant Tarte, a police constable in his early 40s has a gruelling schedule. In spite of that, he makes is a point to visit the Memon couple every single morning. The Memons, in their late 70s, live alone in Mumbai. Mr Tarte, a father of two, has adopted the couple and has pledged to take care of them. This act is not by way of adoption under the Hindu law but is part of a unique drive initiated by the Mumbai Police in a bid to instill confidence in senior citizens – considered to be the most vulnerable section in the society.

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What People Say I am settled in the west. My mom has a neurological problem that sometimes causes seizures and has been at Vardaan for around two years. The staff and Doctors at Vardaan have taken very good care of her.

“So, naturally, corporates benefit from the immense experience and professionalism these seniors bring to the table,” he says, smiling. In view of changing trends, Jobs 60+ extends a one-month computer and soft-skills training course to senior citizens.

Jun 1, , However, for more than silvers, who attended a matchmaking event on Sunday, which was more like a speed date, none of this mattered. These lonely seniors were driven to the venue more in search of companionship than anything else. The daylong event at Malad, Senior Citizens Parichay Mela, organised by the Rotary Club of Northwest Mumbai in association with an Ahmedabad-based organisation, aimed at introducing an assorted group of senior citizens to the idea of companionship and marriage.

The participants, a mixed bag of divorcees, widows, bachelors and spinsters, all of them 50 and above, some even in their 70s, were accompanied by their children and grandchildren. Besides city-based elderly, some silvers travelled from neighbouring Karnataka, Gujarat and other parts of Maharashtra in search of their soulmates. This leaves the silvers with an extremely lonely life.

Life in old age homes is hardly a happy affair. They may have experienced the highs and lows of marital life before, but these young-at-heart seniors did exhibit the trepidation and reservation of a kind that a romantic liaison demands. This especially held true for the elderly women who participated in the event. To elicit more participation from women, Shah says the orgnaisation provides for their travelling and even gives them token gifts.

Joshi admits that the idea of holding a silver match making event did face hiccups.

Government: Concessionla fares for senior citizens and students possible for Mumbai and Delhi Mtero

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This top-ranked site now has over 4, pages of humor, nostalgia, senior advocacy and useful information for seniors 50+. Updates weekly! The daily e-zine for .

Scuba Diving, treks, parasailing, whatever you need. Bringing you a unique travel program for seniors where we arrange your travel adventures for you. What I found was that other retirement communities in Bangalore were just concrete buildings and it gave me a very confined feeling. It is pollution free and away from the city life. The hospitality is amazing and we feel very good when we go there.

Mrs and Mr Arun Chandrasheka Hardware Engineer Intel Bangalore Having lived all my life in London, I make every comparison to the west and nothing in India compares to the standards that I am used to, but I have to say that the moment we got to Anandam, my jaw dropped in absolute amazement. I could not believe the beauty and serenity of this place. Rarely have i come across a company with such integrity, honesty and such genuine humanity and i cannot praise the company enough.


Most of the western countries issue Social Security Identity Card to their senior citizen, by which the ID card holder can get the benefits in various matters. The holder can travel in the buses and subway systems free of cost. They are eligible to get the benefit at various shops, service centres and products which are completely meant for senior citizens. After turning in the age of 60 if you desirous to avail the various concessions given by the Government to senior citizens, then you must apply for this first.

In the year , the very first time in India, the Identity card for all purpose was launched by the Chief Minister of Maharashtra state.

OurTime is the leading dating site for people over 50 Members of OurTime get access to exclusive OurTime community events and dating resources The best part of this is that your profile, messages and photos will automatically transfer to your new OurTime account without you lifting a finger.

It is very prevalent even among prominent people. The red flags were all there for those who know what to look for. Another concern that women face is how to prove domestic violence in India. But, there is hope for women. On Sep 4, , a Times of India news report stated that the Bombay high court set aside that part of a state government circular which prohibited counselling and mediation in domestic violence cases without a court order.

How severe is the problem of domestic violence in India? Also, a lot of violence in India is not looked at as violence. As it is a patriarchy a lot of violence against women is expected and accepted. What has been your experience with women who call in for help with domestic violence situations?

Uttarangan: A day-care centre for seniors in Thane

Now, senior citizens look for love and live-ins Now, senior citizens look for love and live-ins The first-ever public function to help plus men and women from across India find live-in companions will be held on November 20 in Ahmedabad. Nov 3, , Live-in relationships , popular among youngsters who want to check compatibility with their partners before marriage, has found favour with the elderly as well.

Senior Citizens’ Club, Vashi is perhaps the oldest organization of Senior Citizens in Navi Mumbai. During the early eighties, CIDCO was developing the new township of Navi Mumbai. A large population of retired persons chose to settle down in Navi Mumbai as they found Greater Bombay to be congested and the cost of real estate there to be very high.

And, Senior citizens have Varista About Us With rapid advances in healthcare and urbanization, senior citizens are living fitter and longer lives. They may need some assistance, but can largely manage on their own. At the same time, rapid urbanization has changed the circumstances for the elderly — no more large family structure, an empty nest, a certain degree of isolation, loss of respect, lack of care and a sense of insecurity or depression.

Varista is a private, non-residential Senior Citizen Daytime Center developed professionally by a group of committed doctors, to provide our seniors a unique environment that shares, cares, respects and supports them in their daily life. As a senior, would you want a friendly social environment that includes health education, mental stimulation, light physiotherapy exercises, basic nursing services and access to physicians, or just a place to rest for a while and socialize with your peer group?

As a concerned family member, would you like to provide your elderly parent additional support and also give yourself some respite from day-to-day care? Varista is a ‘Social Business Enterprise’ and here to make a difference in the lives of our elders and their families. Aradhana Sheth Founder Director Dr. Aradhana Sheth is a physician with over 18 years of experience as a family homoeopath, who could not find the care she wanted for the elders and their families she worked with professionally and for her own ageing parents as a loving daughter.

This inspired her to provide them opportunity for both medical and social care and spurred her to develop a unique, private and exclusive senior citizens day care centre, modelled from her extensive visits to elderly day care centres in Switzerland, Germany, Singapore and USA and is refined to suit Indian elderly. As the visionary and founder of Varista, she deeply believes that our seniors will do so much better if they are cared for – both socially and medically.

Budget 2017: Govt may abolish rail concession for senior citizens, specially-abled

I’m a senior citizen. I own a floral business in a small office building and am somewhat isolated all day. I rarely meet eligible men. Advertisement So I signed on to a popular dating site and stated I wished to meet an educated, successful, cultured, giving, youthful man. I found that many of the men had a tendency to write long essays about themselves and what they want in a woman.

Local trains in Mumbai have around seats for the senior citizens in one of the compartments. Maharashtra BEST buses in Mumbai offer no Automobile Association of Upper India (AAUI) has extended the life membership to all senior citizen members (above 65 years of age) at a concessional fees of Rs

The advent of modern life styles means more working couples and more nuclear families which leaves our senior citizens out in the cold. Manjiri Gokhale Joshi is one social entrepreneur who has thought about this quandary and has come up with a way to make life easier and independent for our elderly. It is a simple word that can be easily pronounced by people across cultures.

Besides, it has been my favorite name for several years! The Maya CARE logo has been designed by Manasi Gokhale — an upcoming designer whose inability to hear is more than compensated by her creativity. Yellow stands for bringing sunshine in their lives. The green maple leaf transforming into the colors of autumn denotes the sentiment of the young generation reaching out to the elderly. Maya CARE aims to benefit two sections of society – senior citizens who do not get trustworthy services and responsible women.

And young people struggle to meet the demands of an active work life and the wish to be available to care for their family members. For details, visit www. Our infrastructure, social set-up and mental make-up are still grappling with this new reality.

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Spend a Day at Dignity Lifestyle Retirement Township. Dignity Lifestyle is a retirement township at Neral- 90 Kms from Mumbai, on the foot hills of Matheran. There are around 75 senior citizens living there, some who are active and independent and others who are .

Ministry of Road Transport and Highways: Reservation of two seats for senior citizens in front row of the buses of the State Road Transport Undertakings. Some State Governments are giving fare concession to senior citizens in the State Road Transport Undertaking buses and are introducing Bus Models, which are convenient to the elderly. Under Delhi Transport Corporation: For Senior citizens above the age of 60 years, Bus pass for all routes at Rs.

Income has to be below Rs. Wheel Chairs for use of older persons are available at all junctions, District Headquarters and other important stations for the convenience of needy persons including the older persons. Ramps for wheel chairs movement are available at the entry to important stations. Specially designed coaches with provisions of space for wheel chairs, hand rail and specially designed toilet for handicapped persons have been introduced.

Ministry of Civil Aviation: Indian Airlines is providing 50 per cent Senior Citizen Discount on Normal Economy Class fare for all domestic flights to Indian senior citizens who have completed the age of 65 years in the case of male senior citizens and 63 years in the case of female senior citizens subject to certain conditions.

Further, Air India has now decided to reduce the age of 60 plus for discount on their domestic routes as well with immediate effect.

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By Barbara Zachary Posted on November 23, The need for appreciate, romance and intimacy does not die out with age. Senior citizens dating can be a minor complicated, but enjoyable all the exact same. There are several venues that you can meet other mature singles, but none beats online dating.

Senior Citizen Homes – Old Age Homes in Mumbai (Bombay) – situated on the west coast of the state of Maharashtra in India. Senior Citizen Homes – Old Age Homes in Mumbai (Bombay) – situated on the west coast of the state of Maharashtra in India. Indian Laws, Non-profits, Environment.

Many families wish to go for a short trip, or foreign trip, or village etc BUT due to elderly person at home some people have to stay back to take care of them. Apna Ghar is helpful for such individual or elderly couple at a very nominal rates. The senior citizen can stay for half day, full day or for a week or month depending upon the requirements of the family.

We Indians always believed and followed living in Joint Families. Elders in the family were not only given respect but were looked after well. With Urbanisation Things have changed and joint families have split in smaller Nuclear Families. Elders are still respected but the family members cannot spare time to look after the Elders. Even ‘space constraints’ is one big issue in caregiving process. This is where ‘Apna Ghar’ Apnon ke liye can be of help.

When to contact”Apna Ghar”? If your parents are old and because your work does not allow you to look after them in the manner you would prefer to, then “Apna Ghar” gives you the choice. If you have a patient at home in need of regular medical attention and help, you need not think further than “Apna Ghar”. People suffering from Dementia, Alzimers and such diseases which needs constant support and help from attentive caregivers can get it in “Apna Ghar”.

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