My Story S y n o p s i s On October 11, nineteen year old Calvin Parker and his friend forty two year old Charles Hickson were spending a frustrating evening fishing on the Pascagoula River in Mississippi. In the early evening both men were startled when a strange craft descended and hovered a few feet above the ground and just a few yards from their location. Both men were absolutely terrified when these creatures grabbed them and took them aboard the craft. On the craft both men were subjected to an examination and at one point they were so terrified as they believed they were about to die. Minutes later both Calvin Parker and Charles Hickson were deposited back on the riverbank and the craft departed. Taking off in their car the two terrified witnesses eventually located a public telephone box and phoned the local sheriff. These two disorientated witnesses told their story of their close encounter and abduction by these strange creatures.

‘People of Earth’s’ Gerry seeks alien enlightenment, finds family instead

Fake Disclosure Narrative UFOs have been tracked by the government since at least so this program, though interesting, comes as no surprise to experienced observers. The complete lack of transparency from Mainstream Media on these important issues is designed to perpetuate a state of limited consciousness and keep the general populace subjugated to false narratives.

Deep State Witness Elimination! They also discuss the role of covert agencies suppressing breakthrough energy technology and the connections between the JFK assassination, UFO secrecy, Admiral Byrd, alternative technologies, false flag terrorism, censorship and US government propaganda.

Mar 17,  · Their suspect, a well-known UFO conspiracy theorist and self-proclaimed alien abductee, walked outside to see investigators approach his house. That’s when police say he ran.

The Gulf Breeze Mystery Continues The Gulf Breeze sightings have generated huge amounts of public speculation, scientific bickering and dirty tricks. However, many people in the Pensacola, Florida, area still see odd objects and lights in the sky. Navy and a well-respected UFO investigator. According to Maccabee, about 65 sightings have occurred in the Pensacola area since May, In the interest of clarity, since they alternated speaking, I will quote the Salisburys as a team, rather than individually.

Thompson crept close to the object and illuminated it with a flashlight. The Salisburys said that they have worked on several cases in an area near a Navy installation. The cases involve witnesses who have had multiple sightings and past experiences with UFO and related phenomena, some going back into the s. One witness is a year-old woman who recently saw her back yard flooded with light.

She underwent hypnosis and learned that she had also seen a bowtie-shaped object and a second light. In another experience about seven years ago, according to the Salisburys, a young woman babysitting was sleeping on a couch when a noise awakened her and the house shook.

The Oz Files: Who is Victorian ‘abductee’ Kelly Cahill and what did she see in Narre Warren?

Alejandro Rojas March 26, 3 Comments The Amazing Kreskin, world-renowned mentalist, has launched a dating website where people who believe in UFOs, aliens, ghosts, or any other supernatural topic can find like minded people. Kreskin says on the site that many people do not respect people with strange beliefs, so he is doing his part to get like minded people together. In an interview with Cosmopolitan , Kreskin went into more detail about the site.

He said that many people expressed interest in the paranormal and wanted to meet others to participate in activates such as ghost hunting and UFO spotting. They want to go with someone they know feels the same way. Huffington Post Weird News Kreskin says he is too busy to date himself.

A self-described alien abductee who is running for a U.S. House of Representatives seat in Florida has picked up a pretty big endorsement from a major newspaper. Aug 22, dating back as far as 4, years ago. Aug 11, Science, Space & Technology. Watch Live: NASA’s Mission To Touch The Sun. Aug 11,

Early years[ edit ] Adamski was born in Bromberg in the German Empire. He was one of five siblings born to ethnic Polish parents, Jozef Adamski and Franciszka Adamski She died in ; they had no children. I was making a fortune! In , with funding from Alice K. Wells, a student of Adamski, they purchased 20 acres 8. In these lectures he made “fantastic” claims, such as “that government and science had established the existence of UFOs two years earlier, via radar tracking of foot-long spacecraft on the other side of the Moon.

Believing that the ship was looking for him, Adamski is said to have left his friends and to have headed away from the main road. Shortly afterwards, according to Adamski’s accounts, a scout ship made of a type of translucent metal landed close to him, and its pilot, a Venusian called Orthon, [16] disembarked and sought him out.

Tempus Fugit

His numerous articles on the arts and popular culture have appeared in the Washington Post, the Weekly Standard, Salon, First Things, and other journals. His first book, Wasted: Tales of a Gen-X Drunk, was published in He is also the author of Damn Senators: The Rebirth of Grown-Up Culture.

is stupendous, dating back some 36, years B.C. The Diary of a UFO Abductee Features include an Alien Abduction Survey, a discussion group, questions and answers, research, Beyond My Wildest Dreams – Diary of a UFO Abductee Vision in Consciousness – ET Encounters – Abduction & Regressions.

Share this article Share Cllr Parkes explained that he had been visited by aliens ever since being inside his mother’s womb, when he has ‘a very clear memory of a face with no real distinguishing features’, and then ‘suddenloy being aware that there was much more to this world than i knew’. He describes it as ‘a spiritual experience’.

He said that the type of alien he was most frequently visited by were Mantids – green, seven feet tall – and produced his drawing of one who frequently comes to visit him wearing a cloak. Simon on This Morning with Holly and Phil, showing them a picture of the alien who visits him Cllr Parkes then described losing his virginity to one of the aliens in , when he was five or six years old. To aliens it’s not about age, it’s about experience and souls. Holly and Phil interviewing Cllr Parkes about his beliefs this morning He added: What people want is someone to fights and defend Whitby.

My policies are very strong and very clear.

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Their suspect, a well-known UFO conspiracy theorist and self-proclaimed alien abductee, walked outside to see investigators approach his house. That’s when police say he ran. Stan Romanek of Loveland has gained a cult-like following for his videos, talks, and supposed proof of extraterrestrial visitations. While fans heralded his work and critics laughed him off, the U.

Department of Homeland Security and the Loveland Police Department were compiling evidence to arrest the year-old man on child porn charges.

Alien Abduction researcher and artist David Chace is the one person (civilian at least) who probably understands the Reptilians’ physiology better than anyone. A keen admirer of the reptilian Earth species since childhood, Chace has been studying accounts of Reptilians for about two decades and he has created some wonderful illustrations of them.

Background[ edit ] In an interview with the speculative fiction anthology Polygraff , [3] John Norman spoke at length about the creation of the Gor universe and his influences. Speculation on such a world, you see, is ancient. One of the premises of the Gorean series is that a race of aliens, whom we might speak of as the Priest-Kings, have a technology at their disposal compared to which ours would be something like that in the Bronze Age.

Interestingly, however obvious this influence might be, few, if any, critics, commentators, or such, have called attention to it. Setting[ edit ] Gor is described as a habitable planet in the Solar System that shares the same orbit as Earth , but it is linearly opposed to Earth and consequently always hidden by the Sun , making direct observation of it from Earth impossible. The flora, fauna and customs of Gor are intricately detailed.

John Norman —the pseudonym of Dr. John Lange, a professor of philosophy and a classical scholar —often delights in ethnography , populating his planet with the equivalents of Roman , Greek , Native American , Viking and other cultures. In the novels, these various population groups are transplants from Earth brought there by space-craft through the behind-the-scenes rulers of Gor, the Priest-Kings, an extraterrestrial species of insectoid appearance.

10 Mysterious Artifacts That Are Allegedly Alien

Researchers in the field of mind control suggest that these cases are evidence that the whole UFO abduction phenomenon is staged by the intelligence community as a cover for their illegal experiments [2]. The open-minded researchers who are trying to gain respect for abduction research ignore these stories, since they represent only a minor fraction of the cases in their files.

Introduction UFO abductions are generally a very strange and complex phenomenon. For skeptics, journalists and the public, it is difficult to believe that abductions by alien beings have their basis in physical reality. Reports of alien beings entering bedrooms through walls, and levitating abductees through closed windows and into a waiting craft are hard to believe for the open minded researcher too.

From the vivacious Fitzwilliam on TBGSS to her foul-mouthed alien abductee and Justin Bieber on SNL, Kate masterfully uses her body to capture every character. She’s a fearless performer via

Wednesday, November 15, The Truth is out There: Andrew Hennessey Since the s I have been researching UFOs, conspiracies and the paranormal, documenting my own observations and conclusions — some of which are controversial. The Robert Taylor Incident In Central Scotland the skies always seem to be busy, and not just with the landing lights of jets on their way into our airports.

To quote one Falkirk Triangle alien abductee, G Wood, who was lifted from his car on the A70 road in Later recorded by the police as a criminal assault by an unknown or alien entity, Robert Taylor, a local forester, was accosted at night by a UFO as it was scouting over his area of the wood. According to Taylor, he saw a large flying dome hovering above the forest floor.

He then smelled a foul odour, and smaller spheres began dragging him towards the larger dome, before he lost consciousness. Several similar incidents were to follow in this central region of Scotland, stretching from Stirling to Falkirk and back to the southern fringes of Edinburgh.

EXCLUSIVE: British Area 51? Claims secret ALIEN research base uncovered in Farnborough

He believes he was injured in an energy blast from the craft – then taken aboard, where alien beings saved his life. He says he got out of the truck and went towards the craft when a beam of light suddenly appeared from it and knocked him to the ground. The other six men were frightened and drove away. They were given lie detector tests and they all passed. A lot of what happened during those five days is blocked from my memory.

Aug 15,  · Some say alien life forms have visited Earth throughout history. However, such claims are difficult to prove. Most UFO sightings and abductions are easy to dismiss as hoaxes or simple misunderstandings.

They have been observed for many years Sol-war] A new report published in the latest edition of the American Journal of Modern Physics has revealed a startling finding — a newly developed telescope with concave lenses has observed, for the first time, entities in our terrestrial environment that are invisible to our eyes and to conventional Galileo telescopes with convex lenses. Documented evidence by former investigators of the US Air Force Project Bluebook wrote that the government lied about UFOs not being a national security threat in at the conclusion of the project.

What is in the atmosphere are demonic fallen angels and humans as well. You are best to document everything and with photos and send copies to several of the best UFO sites that collect and publish on Utube many sightings. Some will interview on video or audio if you wish. Russian authorities, like American do not want to admit that they have no control over these beings. The entire world would probably panic if they knew the truth.

However, Sol-war shows how to keep from being abducted.

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