Happens in Episode 12 of the anime, Yu is hit by a Lotus-Eater Machine set by Shadow Mitsuo in the form of experiencing his worst nightmare. All of his friends in the Investigation Team leaving his life gradually, Yosuke being the last to leave and ending with Shadow Mitsuo appearing in his room as Yu fails to summon any Personas as his Social Links have all broken. Shadow Mitsuo grows to a large size and begins strangling Yu to death. He Gets Better by Yosuke bailing him out. It happens again in episode 21, when Nanako is kidnapped. When they find Namatame’s truck, with both Namatame and Nanako gone, he completely snaps, to the point that Teddie has to physically restrain him as he attempts to dive into the TV to follow them it was established earlier in both the game and the anime that entering any TV other than the one in Junes is extremely risky, and potentially too dangerous to attempt.

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Her mother died in a hit and run when she was young, and thus all the household chores fall to her, but despite her age she does an admirable job managing both the cooking and cleaning after school. Nanako can usually be found in the living room watching television, and is especially absorbed in quiz shows. Nanako is a big fan of the Junes Department Store , singing along with the jingle every time a commercial airs.

When Ryotaro suggests they go on an outing, Nanako suggests they all go to Junes, instead of taking a vacation. Nanako represents the Justice Arcana Social Link , which she creates with the protagonist should his ‘Expression’ characteristics reach a sufficient level.

Starring in Persona 4, Yosuke is a friendly and well-meant young man who transfers into Yasogani High from out of town. Yosuke carries him with the flash and style of a hip ladies’ man, but is.

Especially since my Dad sported the racing gloves and drove a stick shift Corola throughout the decade. How cool was that? Even Next-generation gamers will appreciate this list. This was a souped up version of Championship Sprint. It featured off road madness, water pits, mud pits, nitros and more! This racing game was loads of fun and included up to 4 players of fun for everyone!

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Persona 4: Yosuke sucks.

When Princess Emma’s ship is captured by the Jolly Roger and Captain Killian Jones, she offers herself as a hostage for ransom if he will let the ship and the other passengers go. With Emma, Killian remembers the honour he once held dear, and Emma catches glimpses of the gentleman Killian had been. Against all odds, the pirate and the princess begin to fall for each other. Once Upon a Time – Rated: They do their own thing, as crazy as that may be most of the time.

Fortunately or unfortunately, it’s the way they work.

Growing up in the 80’s, I was always fascinated by driving. Especially since my Dad sported the racing gloves and drove a stick shift Corola throughout the decade. Therefore, naturally, I wanted to be just like him. I knew that wasn’t going to happen until I became an adult, which was a.

Life is truth, and never a dream All souls know this from birth The truth is something that is chosen and grasped Something discovered with one’s vision and will. Only by gaining that does the seeker become truth himself, a cord that connects past and future. You are an Ordinary High-School Student moving to the rural town of Inaba for one year while your parents are working abroad.

Soon after you settle into your new home with your uncle and young cousin, a series of impossible murders begin to rock the sleepy town: Meanwhile, you decide to check out a new Urban Legend called the “Midnight Channel”: However, when you try it out, you instead discover a strange alternate world on the other side of the television screen, shrouded in a perpetual, oppressive fog. Someone or something is kidnapping innocent people and throwing them into this world, where the monstrous Shadows that inhabit it will eventually kill them.

Using a mysterious inner power called “Persona”, you and your friends form an investigation team to rescue the kidnapped victims before they are killed and solve the mystery of who is responsible.

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It can also be assumed that he likes or works with origami as shown in the more recent trailer of the anime. He is shown recording many of the more embarrassing moments on the Midnight Channel such as with Kanji. Yu starts off wearing the Yasogami High School uniform like in the game, but in the most recent Narukami shakes hand with a mysterious gas station attendance after arriving in Inaba trailer he arrived in Inaba he wearing his winter clothes instead of his uniform.

For much of the first episode he wears his uniform buttoned up like most students, but he unbuttons the jacket upon releasing Izanagi.

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Quotes Yosuke Hanamura Captain Ressentiment is one of the main characters in Persona 4, the 4th main installment in the Persona series and one of the playable characters in it’s fighting game sequels, Persona 4 Arena and Persona 4 Arena Ultimax. Bio Edit Co-founder and unofficial vice-leader of the Investigation Team, Yosuke arrived to Inaba one year before Yu Narukami , after his father took over local supermarket, Junes.

He developed a crush on one of Junes’ workers, Saki Konishi, but his love ended with a tragedy after she became the second victim of a serial killer using the Midnight Channel and TV World for his purposes. Enraged, Yosuke entered the TV World with Yu in an attempt to find some clues, but instead he encountered his Shadow Self, a mirror image born of everything a person tries to deny and hide from world – in Yosuke’s case, it was his boredom, desire to be “hero”, and fear that Saki doesn’t reciprocate his feelings.

After accepting his Shadow as a part of himself and obtaining its power as a Persona, he and Yu formed the Investigation Team to stop the killer and bring him to justice. Once entering the tournament, Yosuke and his friends will find their missing allies, while meeting other Persona users, the Shadow Operatives. Trivia Edit Yosuke has color palettes of the following characters: Jiraiya has color palettes of the following characters:

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Edit Elizabeth is the assistant of Igor , the proprietor of the Velvet Room. She makes her first appearance when the protagonist awakens in his subconscious, visiting the Velvet Room, where she greets the protagonist. While Igor is responsible for the Persona fusions, Elizabeth handles the Persona Compendium , which allows the protagonist to keep track of his fused personas and re-summon them.

chie and yosuke from guess PERSONA 4 sketch that i decided to color so its nothing special are your eyes hurting yet oh man all of a sudden i LOVE this pairing they’re like a married couple:3 they argue all the time THE PERFECT RELATIONSHIP yosuke needs to stop blushing what a faggot.

Nevertheless, I suddenly got the urge to run down a list of the leading men of Japanese entertainment and giving my two cents on them. This list is by no means complete, and skews heavily towards the good looking actors rather than the acclaimed thespians. If you feel like giving a shout out to a J-actor you love but I neglected to mention, feel free to add them in the comments section. What I love the most about Japanese leading men is that they are all so very different from each other, both in onscreen presence and acting styles.

Kimura Takuya The Crown Prince of Japanese entertainment, with a twenty-year career spanning idol pop and serious acting. No one even comes close to his stature, name recognition, and all-around belovedness. SMAP is still going strong, releasing an album last year with sold out concert tours and variety shows that are still popular. And I am unashamed to admit that his career-making Long Vacation does nothing for me, other than add to my Takenouchi Yutaka love.

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At first, he acts as support for battles, but after you complete the Marukyu Striptease Dungeon, he becomes a playable character while Rise Kujikawa takes over the support role. He followed the three of them to the mysterious room with the noose. Teddie then gave Yu Narukami the glasses and fled when he sensed the shadows. He was later found by Yu, Yosuke and Chie so that he can tell them how to leave. He kicked them out through summoned TV’s. When Yu and Yosuke returned to investigate what had happened to Saki, they ran into Teddie again, who led them to where Saki was.

~Yosuke Hanamura, (Persona 4) Yosuke is a clumsy transfer-student who arrived six months before the Yu Narukami. He is often the target for jokes about his lack of muscles and body strength, and fights with blunt, double-handed objects such as wrenches, but moreso knives and the kunai.

Semper Vigilo by CunkToad reviews Due to a drive core malfunction, a human vessel arrives just in time to save the Council Envoy from the yahg. What happens when humanity enters the galactic stage not as the race that got attacked by the turians for breaking a law they weren’t aware of, but as the race that saved a turian platoon from certain death? Mass Effect – Rated: M – English – Sci-Fi – Chapters: He figures that there’s no better place than the city that never sleeps to settle in and forge a new life.

If only the heroes, villains, aliens and spies had received the message. Begins just before the Avengers movie and continues through the MCU. T – English – Adventure – Chapters:

A Look at the Leading Actors of Japanese Entertainment

Buy ‘ Let me state one thing up front: As its story has progressed over the course of a school year, I’ve formed a much closer connection to its cast of high school students than I have to the characters in most games. It has repeatedly made me laugh out loud, sometimes made my pulse race, and occasionally moved me, as its heroes have formed happy memories together and faced great challenges together.

They confront these challenges in both the real world that every high school student must navigate, and in that other world they have the power to enter, a world where manifestations of the thoughts and feelings that reside in our subconscious take shape. But for a game that is all about people coming to terms with the aspects of themselves that they have long repressed, Persona 4’s treatment of two of its main characters, Kanji and Naoto, leaves a great deal to be desired.

Games Persona Series. Follow/Fav Persona: Yosuke’s Passion. By: BlancRocks. It’s the summer vacation and Yu finally gets a chance to visit Inaba again. However, Yu finds himself having to stay over at Yosuke’s house. After a little while Yosuke starts to realise that he might have feelings for Yu.

With no one to prove otherwise Yuna was named High Summoner but the events are coming full circle and they’ll learn just how connected they really are. Though he knows how the timeline is supposed to go, he realizes he may not have the strength to stay on the path. Especially where it concerns Seifer. M – English – Chapters: Of course, I could be dead and someone is faking the letter to fool you…” Harry is NOT happy about being left at Privet Drive all summer with no one to talk to.

Harry Potter – Rated: One person can shape the world, but two can change the realms forever. Petunia decides to do what she should have been doing all along.

Yu Narukami

She is very idealistic and wants to inspire her students and help them graduate high school. Since the age of 7, when her parents died, Kumiko has been living with her grandfather, who is the head of an influential Tokyo Ninkyo group. Despite this strange upbringing and the bizarre mannerisms she has picked up from it like her use of yakuza slang and a habit of running from the cops when she sees them, Kumiko is a good-hearted girl who has a strong faith in her students even when they think the world is against them.

Her belief in them and her combat skills help her earn their respect.

My suggestion, get a ps2 emulator (PCSX2), download or buy the disc of Persona 4, then there you can play it on your PC for free~ I’d finish my Persona 4 on PC too.

Gameplay[ edit ] The Protagonist gains academic skills by studying in the school library. The upper-right area of the screen indicates the current date, time period, and phase of the moon. Persona 3 combines elements of traditional role-playing games and simulation games. The game follows the protagonist character, balancing their daily life of going to school and building relationships with other people with fighting evil beings known as Shadows during the mysterious Dark Hour.

With the exception of scripted events, such as plot progression or special events, the player is free to choose how each day is spent, with most activities causing time to pass on. The types of activities and characters that can be interacted with vary depending on the day of the week and time of day. Additionally, some activities are limited by the protagonist’s three attributes; Academics, Charm, and Courage, which can be built by performing various activities or making certain correct choices.

On the day of the full moon, players will participate in a boss battle in order to progress the story. Whereas each of the game’s main characters has their own Persona, some of which change form as the story progresses, the protagonist is capable of wielding multiple Personas, which can be switched between during battles.

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After yesterday’s events, I decided to train this new power that Ose told me about. Using my inhumane you know what, how about we just shorten it to Yokai powers. I look like Nekomata and she’s a Yokai.

Persona Q2 – Yosuke Hanamura trailer Posted on October 31, by Brian (@NE_Brian) in 3DS, Videos Atlus continues the rollout of character trailers for Persona Q2 today with a video focusing on Yosuke Hanamura from Persona 4.

Despite a good story, production quality and a reasonably innovative and fun combat system, Persona 3 failed to impress me for a number of reasons. What if there were a Dark Hour, a twenty-fifth hour of the day? What if only a few people were conscious during it, and the rest of us turned into coffins for its duration?

What if horrific shadowy creatures preyed upon those unfortunate enough to be conscious during that time? What if you could do something about it? The new dormitory he moves into is actually a secret base for SEES, the Specialized Extracurricular Execution Squad, a group determined to hunt down the Shadows plaguing their city. Better yet, during the Dark Hour his new school transforms into Tartarus, a demonic tower marking the hub of Shadow activity.

Your daytime exploits consist of developing things called Social Links. Each side character you can spend time with has their own Link and set of events you can experience with them.

Let’s Play Persona 4 – Episode 82 [Dating Yosuke-Chan]