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The emphasis of this educational reference is on words and phrases that appear in published works about war and military service; and amongst this jargon and slang, there is no pretense of objectivity or completeness, which may be readily found in official documents or government resources.

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Edit Amar firing a photon torpedo at an unknown cloud In Klingon space, three Klingon K’t’inga-class battle cruisers are patrolling an area and encounter a huge cloud-like anomaly. On the bridge of IKS Amar , the Klingon captain orders his crew to fire torpedoes at it, but they have no effect. The captain immediately orders retreat.

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Inferno The Doctor has escaped the destruction of the parallel Earth in and meets Sir Keith, who was only slightly injured in his version of the car accident his counterpart died in. The Doctor realises that “Free will is not an illusion” and that therefore this Earth can still be saved. The last scene where the Doctor has another argument with the Brigadier and storms off in the TARDIS, only to turn up seconds later covered in dirt from the local dump.

The Brigadier repeats one of the Doctor’s insults, but in a lightly mocking rather than vindictive manner. And he knows it. The way they wander off together, arms around each other’s shoulders while Liz chuckles, is also incredibly sweet. And the glare he gives the Brigadier for forcing him to show his softer side. After being hypnotized by the Master and nearly killing them, it’s understandable that the Doctor might’ve been angry at her carelessness.

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We asked Jane why she writes Cowboy Poetry and she replied: Because I have to. Writing is as necessary for me as breathing. Stories inside of me are clamoring to be told, and cowboy poetry seems the perfect medium for my telling. During the depression when my father taught school, we moved from place to place in eastern Colorado.

Sometimes we moved from one house to another in the same area.

Apr 16,  · A Guide to Vintage Men’s Fedoras. Discussion in ‘PUBLIC Vintage Chatter – Anything and everything’ started by HatsEnough, mostly woman’s but I do have a small collection of man’s hats and antique and vintage hat boxes also, from to s. I often wear a man’s hat if the occasion presents itself. I have a 3 way Stetson hat box and I.

Edited at 7 p. Updated on July 16 6 p. There was a shooting last night in Stoughton. The shooting took place in the parking lot of Presidential Court apartments, which are located across the street from Stoughton High. The victim arrived, onn his own, at Norwood Hospital, with non life-threatening injuries. He wasn’t transported there by Stoughton Fire. He was heavily sedated, and wasn’t able to give much information to the investigators.

As of now, it hasn’t been determined if he was a resident or not Stoughton Police Detectives are investigating for any potential witnesses, according to Stoughton Police Chief Paul Shastany. Blount added that State Police are assisting Stoughton Police in the investigation.

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Jimmy the Lid can likely tell you this information. Well, I’ll give it a try. Snyder’s “Stetson Hats” Book can often be a good source of info, and, Mobile Vulgus, it is most useful in addressing two of the hat boxes you have posted. The first box in your post is exactly the same hat box that Snyder identifies as having been addressed to Mayor Richardson Dilworth of Philadelphia back in the day.

Dilworth was Mayor of Philly from January to February My own sense is that this particular style of hatbox including versions in different colors dates fairly solidly to the late 50’s.

Oct 27,  · Dating hat boxes can be tricky, since, over time, vintage lids are generally separated from their original boxes. Sometimes, however, one is lucky enough to come across a hat that can be definitively tied to a particular date, and where other evidence links the hat to the box (like an address label combined with a receipt).

Beginnings[ edit ] John B. He worked in his father’s shop until he went West for his health. According to legend, Stetson invented the hat while on a hunting trip while showing his companions how he could make cloth out of fur without tanning. Although initially worn as a joke, Stetson soon grew fond of the hat for its ability to protect him from the elements. It had a wide brim, a high crown to keep an insulating pocket of air on the head, and was used to carry water.

As their travels continued, a cowboy is said to have seen J. Stetson and his unusual hat, rode up, tried the hat on for himself, and paid Stetson for it with a five dollar gold piece , riding off with the first western Stetson hat on his head. Stetson, now 35 years old, and in better health, returned east and established his own hat firm in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, which produced high quality hats for outdoor use. After producing some initial designs based on popular styles of the day, Stetson decided to create a hat based on his experiences in the American West, which he called the ” Boss of the Plains “.

These lightweight, waterproof hats were natural in color, with four-inch crowns and brims. Price and popularity[ edit ] Stetson produced a very expensive hat. The cowboy riding the range wearing the “‘Boss of the Plains’ hat showed the world that he was doing well”. Stetson became synonymous with the word ‘hat’ in every corner and culture of the West. Felt tends to retain the shape in which it dries.

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Also, to lend necessary aid or resources to rescue a vessel or vehicle, or to enable the survival of an enterprise or undertaking; as a means of relief, this contranym probably has naval origins. Also, a quantity of gravel or similar broken material used to stabilize a bank, a bed, or a barrier by adding fill [v: Also, a metaphor for a crisis or critical event, as represented by the expression when

Did you know the Stetson duPont-Ball Library has a special collection of Stetson hats dating back to the s? The collection includes more than three dozen Stetson hats and signature hat boxes the university has received and accumulated, and most of the hat collection is from the s.

Antiquity[ edit ] Elite women in ancient Mesopotamia and in the Greek and Persian empires wore the veil as a sign of respectability and high status. Between and B. E, prior to Christianity, respectable women in classical Greek society were expected to seclude themselves and wear clothing that concealed them from the eyes of strange men. Caroline Galt and Lloyd Llewellyn-Jones have both argued from such representations and literary references that it was commonplace for women at least those of higher status in ancient Greece to cover their hair and face in public.

Roman women were expected to wear veils as a symbol of the husband’s authority over his wife; a married woman who omitted the veil was seen as withdrawing herself from marriage. In BC, consul Sulpicius Gallus divorced his wife because she had left the house unveiled, thus allowing all to see, as he said, what only he should see. Unmarried girls normally didn’t veil their heads, but matrons did so to show their modesty and chastity, their pudicitia.

Veils also protected women against the evil eye, it was thought. The veil was a deep yellow color reminiscent of a candle flame. The flammeum also evoked the veil of the Flaminica Dialis, the Roman priestess who could not divorce her husband, the high priest of Jupiter , and thus was seen as a good omen for lifelong fidelity to one man.

The Romans apparently thought of the bride as being “clouded over with a veil” and connected the verb nubere to be married with nubes, the word for cloud. Only in the Tudor period , when hoods became increasingly popular, did veils of this type become less common.

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